Here at NEAT we aim to keep everything clean, simple, fair, and neat! First, what we are is a New Environment for Asset Transformation or NEAT for short. Second, our pricing is neat and simple, our philosophy is to do the right thing by our employees and customers alike. Third, we treat you professionally, honestly, and provide you with our best quality experience we can. Fourth, we serve mostly espresso-based drinks, with or without flavoring, hot or cold, while giving you a comfortable and professional environment in which to work in. We are open to the public and do not require a membership in order to enjoy our business. We do offer several memberships outlined below to better serve you. All memberships include a 10% discount off of all beverages. All customers may partake in our loyalty program that offer rewards.

Our story 👇

New Environment For Asset Transformation

We're the movers and shakers. We believe that the future is ours to determine. We do not live the same life our parents did, we improve with each passing year as we create a legacy. We are the NEAT generation. Breaking barriers one cup of coffee at a time.

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Our vision

Creating The NEAT Network

Through collaboration and exploration we plan to create a better way to do business.